Beatport Launches Free Music Streaming Service

In order to give their customer base an extra way of experiencing the music before buying, Beatport is busting out it’s own free music streaming service. This new streaming service is intended to add to their established business which currently consists of an online music store and a desktop media client.

You might be thinking that Beatport is about to turn into Spotify – a media streaming service featuring ad supported tracks from a huge numbers of artists from all genres. That’s actually not quite right. Beatport specializes in selling music to DJs so that they may use it in their own live performances. It was never meant to be targeted at all types of music consumers like Spotify.

What they really want is to able to do is to become a one stop shop for a DJ to get all the music they need. As Clark Warner, the company’s executive creative director, puts it “There are a lot of hoops to get to where you want to go. We want to make people jump through less hoops.” By adding in a music streaming service, there is less need for their customers to rely on other sites and services like YouTube and Spotify to find the best tracks for their mixes. By listening to the music right inside of Beatport, they can find the tracks they need and make the purchases they want right inside of Beatport’s system.

What you might not expect is that Beatport will have the service available straight through their site where other music related content is also available. When Clark Warner calls the new direction for Beatport “single-sign on,” he literally means that when you log onto the Beatport site that you have just about everything immediately available that a DJ would be looking for. They’re not only going to have the music streaming while you browse the site, but also shows and news articles. With that, you’ll be able to keep up on the industry and consume other kinds of content while listening to tracks for your next DJ mix.

Beatport Free StreamingAdditionally, each DJ will now be able to have their own profile pages (ex. where community members will be able to find out more about them. As with any site, the best names and URLs always end up going fast so you won’t want to wait too long to sign up if you want to claim your spot.

The new streaming service and Beatport site is currently in its beta so you will need to be accepted by invitation to access it. You can request those invitations on their homepage.

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