Future DJ Decks Prediction: No USB, Laptops or CDs Needed.

Future DJ Decks Prediction

Technology is evolving exceedingly fast in the DJ gear industry. Pioneer recently announced a refreshingly new all-in-one XDJ-RX Console, which allows DJs to plug in their rekordbox USB or connect their iOS/Android device to load tracks directly to the console. The rekordbox gives DJs the ability to prepare tracks, pre-set loops & cues along with a few other features.

Although the USB feature isn’t new, the opportunity to organize music using Recordbox software is a great edition. This new console got us thinking, “what’s possibly coming next? What else could be implemented on DJ decks that can improve the DJing experience?”

Well, we’ve come up with our own prediction of what the future DJ console might be like. Someone could be working on this idea right now but after a quick search online, this idea hasn’t been mentioned yet—until now.

Cloud Music StorageHere’s the idea: a DJ console with access to cloud-storage via Internet, which would eliminate the need to bring USB, Laptops or CDs to gigs and events. Leaving the DJ to focus on his/her art with no distractions.

How would it work? It’s simple; first a DJ will store and organize their music on cloud storage like Dropbox, OneDrive, JustCloud.com, etc. Second, they can login on the console to access their music from their cloud storage account. Boom!

You’re probably thinking about the entire list of “if’s” and “but’s” right now. With every new tech idea, there are always the dramatic pros and cons. The main con with this DJ console will be acquiring access to Internet.

Problem: What if the internet connection is slow or cuts off during a gig?

Solution: This could be eliminated, by allowing the console to download and temporarily store music during that session while logged in.

Problem: What about when DJs are changing?

Solution: The console would have to allow more than one DJ to login at the same time.

Where there is a will, there is a way. It is a concept that will take the collaboration of many different experts with specific skill sets to deal with each vital area. It has to come true, there are one to many downfalls to the traditional DJ set up, compared with how simple, and efficient it will be to connect online.

These portable tools: USB, labtops, and CDs can all be lost or damaged during transportation. Unpacking and setting up the DJ station takes time. Therefore, the idea is cost effective: saving time, which usually converts to saving money. This console idea has our vote, does it have yours?

What are your thoughts on this idea? Good Idea? Won’t work? Bad Idea? Please share your thoughts on the comments below.

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