Hardwell gets free promotion after Asian DJs dropped his mix on their set

Robbert Van de Corput, better known as Hardwell is a DJ, record producer and remix popular for his radio show and podcast ‘Hardwell on Air’. The World’ no.1 DJ on DJ Mag in 2013-2014 and currently no.3 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs 2016 poll, he got free advertisement at South Korea’s Octagon Club when a pair of Asian DJs accidently dropped his mix during their own set.

The DJs, G-Park and Charles, playing in the #1 club in Asia in 2016 and #5 in the world, were apparently playing a pre-recorded set that included a ripped copy of the radio show “Hardwell on Air.” Tension escalated when Hardwell’s voice was heard in the club promoting a new track to be released in 2017 titled, “Grande Opera” by Jewelz & Sparks. By the time Charles was able to hop on stage and try to cover up what had just happened, the damage had already been done.

DJs playing pre-recorded sets is not a strange phenomenon in dance music. However, it is looked down upon by hardcore dance music fans, and is usually enough to destroy the reputation of a famous DJ. In the beginning, when a DJ is still new and undiscovered, fame and reputation are only developed by performing sets live in front of a crowd. In other words, raw talent and being able to balance the beats with the mood of the crowd is essential for success.

However, once a DJ becomes famous and starts taking part in big production shows like Tomorrowland, the temptation to use a pre-recorded set overcomes their earlier squabbles. This is likely due to the level of coordination that is required for the special effects (coordinating with sound technicians, light designers as well as the production, venue and tour managers).

It is still embarrassing though, to be caught on camera playing another DJ’s pre-recorded set on stage instead of performing your own. The blunder was so big that Hardwell commented on Facebook, remarking, “Grande Opera on Air (laughing emoji)”. It remains to be seen whether G-Park and Charles will recover from the hit on their reputations.

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