House Music Legend Louie Vega Receives Grammy Nomination

Luis Ferdinand Vega Jr., better known as “Little Louie” Vega, has received a Grammy nomination for his 2016 album, ‘Starring…XXVIII’. The 51-year old’s nomination is in the best dance/electronic album category for an album that has been described as a celebration of Louie’s groundbreaking house music career along with the collaborators who worked with him.

Speaking with reporters from Billboard in Ibiza, Vega remarked, “I’m honored to be nominated and I feel this album represents the whole scene. It was a wonderful project that brought together a lot of people from different genres and sounds of house music; they’ve all had a hand in making great records for all of us.”

Vega is particularly known for belonging to the duo named ‘Masters at Work’, which revolutionized house music in the 90s on the American nightclub scene. Comprising of Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, the two musicians blended music coming from New York’s underground clubs in the 80s with hip-hop and Latin freestyle to come up with influential dance tracks that eventually influenced mainstream dance music. Early hits like “The Nervous Track”, “Love and Happiness” and When you touch me” established them as a brand to reckon with.

‘Starring…XXVIII’ comprises of 28 songs and has 25 artist collaborators including Jocelyn Brown, Nick Monaco and Soul Clap, Josh Milan, 3 Winan Brothers, the Clark Sisters, Caron Wheeler and Bucie. Gospel, Soul, R&B and House music genres are fully represented in the album’s artist roster.

Vega talked about the process of making the Grammy nominated album, “I created this album basically by travelling around the world. I would meet artists and different people who I may have worked with or may have not worked with. I think I’ve really kind of gone across the board, bringing in anything I’ve done in House music. Each song really takes it to a different place; each one has its thing.”

‘Starring…XXVIII’ starts off with Funkadelic’s remix of “Ain’t that Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You.” The album is a homecoming for the legendary DJ and producer from the Bronx, who has been spending a lot of time exploring the world and Jazz influences with his vocalist wife Anane for his Elements of Life Project. Anane makes an appearance in ‘Starring…XXVIII’ and was the vocalist behind the ‘Masters at Work’ early hits, including “I can’t get no sleep” and “Love and Happiness”.

Vega remarked on his House homecoming, “This new album came about because I wanted to do something dedicated to house music. It’s a great time because the younger generation is influenced by the sound of the ‘90s house music. And there are lots of artists today—Black Coffee, Disclosure, the Martinez Brothers—who I’m collaborating with on a new project, that have also opened doors for this music to be broken out for the younger generation.”

Vega has indicated that he will play some shows when he heads over to Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards in February. He commented, “House music is like going to Church—it touches you.”

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