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Other Soul is a very catchy name for a house music making duo, the music producers, who also double mainly as deejays is composed of Fran Diaz and Carlos Yedra. Their beats are infectious dance beats that are pregnant with that Spanish passion and fever. Hailing from Granada, an independent town in Spain the duo met four years ago at a party where they both played sets. After seeing that they had many things in common, both personally and professionally, they decided to start this project that is now Other Soul. House Banq spent some time getting to know this stimulating duo from Spain and we found them to be very remarkable.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Fran Diaz and Carlos Yedra from Granada (Spain), we are house music deejays and producers, and we love music in all aspects, but especially soulful & deep house

How do you work? How do you go about making these amazing beats?

We work in our study rooms at home which are right next to our beds, sometimes we work together but separately we like to create our own ideas individually, however we always come together to complete the product before we share it with the world

Tell us more about how this began for you?

Othersoul DJsWe met four years ago at a party where we played both and after seeing that we had many things in common, both personally and professionally, we decided to start this project.

What’s integral to the work of a house music artist?

Above all, you must love music and always respect it. The house music you must feel it and love it. House music is feeling, joy and wanting to groove. That’s our definition. I humbly think that if someone does not feel any of that then they will never be a good producer or DJ of house music because that feeling is important to the work.

Do you think House Music is having a greater impact in the world than it was say 10 years ago?

Sure, yes, of course, but lately with the emergence of different styles and characters that we will not name, but everyone knows, the scene has been distorted.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Well first to clarify, I believe that there is still much work to do to before I am truly an artist J , but thanks for thinking that I am. It is flattering. Me (Carlos) I do not spend a lot of time as a house music DJ because I am currently studying at university while working in a factory at the same time so my time is very limited, however my partner Fran is the one who dedicates more time to our craft, however he also does other work besides being a House Music DJ.

Why house music? You could have become flamenco artists J

House Music is everything. For us it is more than music. It’s life, it is the joy, the feeling it is dance.

What themes do you pursue in your work?

Our tracks and mixes have different influences; they especially come from great artists. Usually it depends on the original idea or the vocal track or stems with which we are working. With each track we try to go a different way.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Every day we get great and very rewarding expressions of support from all over the world from world famous artists, radios, amateur DJs, and even people who are not professional musicians but they listen and are interested in our work…. It brings us great joy when we receive all this support and we thank you from here in Spain to everyone worldwide who takes the time to communicate and tell us.

Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

We, being a duo, we are always together LOL, but usually when we work in our studios, music always accompanies us. When we aren’t working we are always with our family and friends.

What do you dislike about your work?

Difficult to answer, because we like everything!

What do you like about your work?

We love music; we love house music and all that entails. We wake up in the morning thinking about going back to work on the track that we had left the day before or if we are uncertain we start a new project and go along with this melody…. And of course we love the time to play, and live out our lives, connect with people who listen to you and dancing with people. It is special to us and we love our work

What is your dream project?

For now it is to continue to work and grow professionally slowly to where we can get. We have no goal, only to work and take our house music as far as possible.

Which three artists would you’d like to be compared to.

Well we would think, MAW (Masters at Work), Grant Nelson and Richard Earnshaw. I hope you do not feel bad about us naming them, we know it’s very bold because they are very very big artistes, but if we ever get to their level we would be very happy.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Ah we have had enough J , but this has stood out “Life is short and very nice, it is best to not lose it doing something you do not like.”

Professionally, what’s your goal? What do you aim for? What would be success for you?

As I was saying earlier, there are no goals. The world of music is very very difficult and every day that you can live this dream then a goal is achieved. Just go to work every day and keep trying to progress that’s all we need.

To Connect with OtherSoul today, you can check out their SoundCloud page which has many great classics that they have remixed with soulful house beats.

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