Introducing The New Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ Console

Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ Console

The rekordbox DJ System XDJ-RX can be called an inherited masterpiece. It features so many of the great features of its predecessors. It is an all-in-one player with versatility and maximum performance potential. With fans, and reviews, supporting its suggested price set at $1,499.00, this DJ console has integrated everything and more. For starters, the DJ console incorporates a built in high quality LCD monitor, a state-of-the art mixer, two separate digital players, while making a statement in its design. Functionality is enhanced in the positioning of the buttons, triggers, and switches. Typically, the specifications on a new product will stay similar, however, as technology has had its upgrades the XDJ-RX is prepared with Supported OS ranging from the best Mac products to the top Windows products.

XDJ-RX LCD Monitor

XDJ-RX 7-inch LCD Color Monitor

Tracks in rekordbox or on the rekordbox app can be loaded directly to the XDJ-RX making this seamless transfer time efficient. Gone are the days of laptops and their precious battery lives and charger cables, as well as color-coded cd’s. The rekordbox USB is fully functional with the iOS/android, iPhone and iPod Touch. Preparation makes for better performance. Let’s take a look at a few familiar names that are well known to influence just how great the performance can be,

Familiar Names

The following inspired the DJ XDJ-RX: the DJM-900 NXS, the club-standard Pioneer DJ Nexus, and a popular CDJ layout. In detail, here’s how each of these areas played their roles in creating yet another this spectacular product geared towards users of “Pioneer rekordbox music management software.”

Performances features and build quality paired with a 2-channel mixer, and USB-driven players couldn’t be accomplished without the Pioneer DJ Nexus.

Not 1, nor 2 or 3, but 4 tactile pads on the XDJ’s platter is present to bring the CDJ layout to another level.

In a wonderful blend of popular features and improvements as followed: better wet/dry dial for improved control, Beat FX, and Lo/Hi control inclusion, all thanks to the DJM-900NXS.

Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ Console

New Features & Benefits

The new features are visually daunting. A new 7-inch full color LCD welcomes you into the world of this consol. It simultaneously provides visuals of both he beat grids and which features are in play presenting track playback position, dual wave display with Wave Zoom, BPM and Beat Countdown, FX information, Quantize status and more. Browsing options are convenient, made for easier, faster, user productivity.

The new loop slice allows users to set a loop length, slice it, and ultimately have more control of the temp, and style in the moment.

Unlike many of it’s competitors the XDJ-RX features two master outputs and a booth input, as well as two Mic inputs and a LAN port—so yes, this bad boy can be used as a stand-alone mixer for the occasion. The versatility extends into the MIDI control that supports MIDI-compatible software automatically recognizing when to go to standby mode if an operation is active.

Collectively All of the XDJ-RX improvements make this product highly valuable and highly productive. It’s not for beginners, moreover, if you are new to the Pioneer products there are walkthroughs, video tutorials, and old fashion manuals that will introduce you to the prized products that helped create this one, and the new terms, and features you’ll learn to utilize. Being an artist extends to the products, tools, and the capability to use them. This is just as important as having natural born talent.

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