Introducing: Nitefreak, Afro House DJ & Producer

Introducing Nitefreak

On the southern side of Zimbabwe in a cultured city called Bulawayo hails an unknown but super talented Afro House DJ and producer, Nitefreak. Real name Bhekinkosi Mabhena, is extremely passionate about his craft and is very optimistic about the future of his music career despite the industry challenges.

The creativity on his production style and mixing skills exudes self-confidence and a strong desire to be the best. His latest HouseBanq Mix demonstrates his bold attitude and courageous mixing skills. On this interview, Nitefreak explains the meaning behind his name, his challenges, how he prepares for his DJ sets and more.


Real Name

Bhekinkosi Mabhena

Why Nitefreaks?

The freaky part came from my personality, l am a free spirit and like having fun in the most unique ways.It comes also from my friends who always say uyahlanya Bheki meaning ‘you are crazy Bheki’. Then the Nite part comes from the fact that as deejays we work mainly at Night.

Which Artist Inspired you the most?

Dj Chuckie

What inspired to choose music?

I love music and l come from a musical family.My dad is a music lecturer so music has been around me since my childhood.

When did you start music production?

I started in 2010

What else do you do on your spare time (hobbies)?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, l love Soccer and going out and frequent roasting with the guys.

Besides House Music what other genres do you play?

Hip Hop, Dancehall and Electronic Dance Music

Tell us about the first ever track you produced?

I cannot remember it but it was awful

How do you prepare for your sets?

All depends with the time of the set and duration, l like to build up my set start slow or subtle and don’t like playing club bangers or most popular tracks

What is the name of you record label?

Cube Studios

The biggest challlenge in your musical career?

It’s a struggle to get the music out there and at the end of it we get peanuts. So the challenge l guess is getting paid peanuts for my art.

Any Collaborations with Local Artists?

I have worked with Calvin and he is a hip hop artist

Which artist would you love to work with in the future?

Ammara Brown (Zim), Nokwazi (SA) , Bucie SA , Lady Zamar (SA) , Afrojack (ND) , Hardwell (ND)

Follow Nitefreak on social media accounts below:

Soundcloud: Nitefreak

Instagram: @nitefreakdj

Twitter: @DJNitefreak



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