Lars Behrenroth’s Bitter Response to “Most Respected House DJs 2014”

A few days ago the house music community received a controversial article listing the “Most Respected House DJs of 2014”, compiled by Michael Johnson, some of you might know him. Lars Behrenroth claims he’s been involved in the house music industry for over 20 years but he’s never heard of this guy.

While some read, congratulated and praised the list, Behrenroth and many others had different opinions on the controversial list. One unsatisfied reader commented “I cannot say WHAT THE HELL loudly enough! I am cracking the f**k up. Who wrote this list? They must be hanging with Walter White or have a fetish for kissing ass“, on the Deep House Page Forum. Lars responded with a bitter open letter on his website, He writes:

[quote] Right above the first name of your list you post “Let the controversy begin” which shows me your lack of seriousness regarding this topic and that you created this list purely for your own pleasure or to draw attention to yourself (if you actually exist) or to the website which hosts your list. [/quote]

Read the full letter on the Deeper Shades Blog

Here is another bitter video response from HouseHead88 (on youtube)

** Censored

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