Miami’s Mayor is Planning to Ban Ultra Music Festival

A female security guard was trampled on and rushed to hospital after gatecrashers of the Ultra music festival forced their way into the venue during the 3-day-event. It is said that the security guard, named Erica Mack, suffered critical brain injuries and is in hospital fighting for her life.

It has been proved that the security fence where Mack was standing, hadn’t been put up properly, even after police mentioned it to the event organisers, nothing was done to correct the wrong. The 28-year-old security guard still remains in a critical condition in hospital as of Monday.

“She was not strong enough to deal with a mob of people that actually pushed this fence down, pushing her backwards and the fence landing on top of her. Now these people started trampling on top of her just to get into the event, as a result she sustained major head trauma as well as a broken leg,” said Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll.

Just hours before the Friday night stampede, Miami police had inspected the perimeter of the event at Bayfront Park and called for additional fencing at the spot where the guard was later injured. But no additional fencing was added, according to The Miami Herald.

Following this tragic incident, the Miami Mayor, Tomas Regalado told the Miami Herald over the weekend “We don’t want to be showcased as the city of chaos” suggesting that the festival organisers “acted irresponsibly” by failing to provide enough security at the downtown Bayfront Park during the 3-day festival.

More than 160,000 people attended the 16th year of this festival, according to the Ultra spokeswoman Alexandra Greenberg. Police arrested a total of 84 people and there were 150 rescue runs made throughout the event. It has been proven that there was much more chaos for what it is actually worth, and the fact that the festival seemingly put peoples lives in danger, it really isn’t worth debating the choice of holding the festival again in Miami, next year.

This is not the first year of the Ultra festival to have peoples lives in danger, last year (2013) a 20 year old woman died following a drug overdose, it has been said that there weren’t enough security checks going on in that year also. Authorities are also investigating the death of a 21-year-old man who collapsed after attending the Ultra festival on Saturday (2014), according to a Miami police spokesman.

It isn’t just the Ultra music festival that has come under scrutiny in recent years; many are causing too much trouble. Having peoples lives put in danger, not being organised well enough to support the amount of festivalgoers who turn up looking to have a wild time. The Miami Mayor and local politicians are discussing the reasons as to reject any future plans of the Ultra music festival to return to Miami again.

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