The One to Watch: D-Malice [DM Recordings]

“For me personally everyday life keeps me motivated, my family, my friends and just general love for music. All these things influence my music and how I feel hence why I call my remixes “Expressions”. D-Malice

The one to watch for this week is none other than London based house music producer and Dj D-Malice. Owner of DM.Recordings the man started out at the tender age of thirteen, what followed was a major exploration of every genre known to man; he experimented with reggae, hip-hop, soul and even the Mo Town sound. Aged seventeen, he finally settled for house music and he hasn’t looked back since.

D-Malice is what you would term a soulful Dj; his mixes are mainly emotional pieces. These emotional sounds are then blended with dance beats. His mixes are versatile and you cannot tell one from the other that it is the same Dj who has mixed this song. That’s where he differs from artists like Cuebur or Black Coffee where you can clearly tell that this is their beat. I like both approaches to music, it usually depends on what influenced you when you were younger, what you grew up listening to. His music is clearly an expression of an eclectic taste in music. He cites his musical influences as Bob Marley, Prince, Gregory Isaacs,Osunlade an American born music producer, Black Coffee, Boddhi Satva from Belgium and Karizma another American producer , just to name a few. Currently he is one of the faces of the evolving house music scene in London, according to him house music has always been around but right now there are a few faces that are pushing the genre forward in Europe and he is on the forefront. He recently released an EP in March 2014 with Soul Candi Records, this EP features the soulful Marissa Guzman and it’s titled “Deep Expression.” The very first jam on this EP “Cant Complicate” features Marissa Guzman is a very catchy and soulful jam that will have your feet tapping.

D-MaliceThe second jam is titled Found You. Very calm and collected at the beginning it follows a steady beat with rippling’s of highs. The vocals when the song begins are captivating; the third song “Hope” is much like “Nightfall” the last song on the EP, definitely a song to ease the blues away. These four records make up the EP. I definitely think anyone who is serious about house music and collecting should definitely have this one in their collection. What’s more, D- Malice is working on an album that’s due when the sound is perfect.( we might be waiting a long time folks lol), we all know perfection takes time J According to him some great collaborations are coming up, I wouldn’t doubt it; the artists on his Sound Cloud page that he has collaborated with already are very impressive. From Africa, Cuebur, Kid Fonque, Shota, and PM Project, the crème of the house music scene, and from Tribe Records Jonny Miller, they are actually working on an EP, which is definitely going to be sick.

Mixes that captured my attention when I was on his Sound Cloud page were “Be’ (D- Malice Afro-Expression), great song, great lyrics, everything was so well composed and mixed, you had to love it. Another one was another version of “Be” again, this one was the Afromental Expressions, definite club banger, definite party starter, a must on every serious house music Dj’s set.

So who would a Dj like D-malice want to collaborate with, it was quite an interesting list, I personally love a lot of the artists that he mentioned particularly Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Common, Angie Stone and Black Coffee. With the Afro-House music scene tearing up music waves across every continent D- Malice is definitely “One to Watch.” His label DM Recordings promises to be a stable that will nurture some of the most prolific talent to emerge in and out of the UK.

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