The One to Watch: Jonny Bee [Italy]

Absorbing and reflective music best played for that barbeque with friends on a Sunday afternoon is what immediately comes to mind when you sample the works of Italian born Jonny Bee. Light beats interspersed with the sound of trumpets quite lead one to total relaxation of the senses.

“…House music makes me feel good”

Jonny Bee, Italian Born London Deep House Music Dj

Dance music is versatile in its approach and many Dj’s take advantage of this adaptable nature of house music so as to identify and connect with their audience. Much of Jonny Bee’s work cannot be compared to that of Dj Euphonik, Oskido or even of David Guetta. The former prefer hard hitting beats that progress from soft slow anthems that connect with the listener until they reach an almost primal, feverish climax where listeners literally dance their feet off. The latter on the other hard has solid drumming that climaxes in the midst of a song, much like a crescendo. A steady rise, perfect example would be that second after the second verse on “Don’t You Worry Child” where the beat drops and across the entire arena hands are raised in unison, the perfect moment of togetherness.

Jonny Bee’s mixes are a constant pulse, which when someone would think about would be boring, but in reality they are not. Addition of various notes, at varying grades and new echoes, thuds, reverberations, hums and trumpets as I mentioned before, all give a method to the madness….which becomes ,weirdly comforting. Listening to his mixes is like subjecting  oneself to an abstract force, much like a daydream…You imagine past experiences, sail on ships, travel on water by foot and all those imaginary  delusions one has when you aren’t really yourself.

There was a certain mix I loved, the giggle of a young girl, hopelessly in love with house music of course, and a gruff male voice that kept on saying “House Music” brought a smile to my lips. Titled “”Jonny Bee – A Sweet Sunday (Original Mix)” you can clearly feel the love and tenderness poured into creating this mix. The Italians are well known for their loving natures, forgive the generalization’s and stereotyping but in Jonny Bee we have our guy.

Jonny Bee 2Describing himself as a “Deep House” musician he could not be nearer the truth. His mixes connect with some innate emotion in your soul. Music is a universal language of the universe, and I understood much of Jonny Bee’s love for his music, and his production’s in the few minutes I took to listen to those mixes. He lists Soul as another favorite genre of music for him, a natural development for house music lovers. The only way to truly appreciate house music is if you are obsessed with it, there is just no other way. And so it is that it becomes a driving force for your dreams. Dj Jonny Bee’s works can be found on Sound cloud at , for the avid fans there are a lot of free downloads as well. Alternatively you can connect with him on all the social networks known to the digital man (listed below).



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