The One to Watch: Joseph Gaex [Wanna Dance Music]

Based in Nicaragua, Joseph Gaex owns Wanna Dance Music. If the title of that label doesn’t catch your eye then I don’t know what will. A dance music freak, one would be forgiven for thinking if Joseph Gaex had been born in another area, somewhere like Jamaica, he would have thrived as the Vybez Cartel of that area. A dance music enthusiast, his label’s motto is making music that people want to dance to. After visiting his Sound Cloud page and listening to a few mixes, I was itching for the sun to set so I could introduce his music to my fellow house headz.

In case some of you are wondering where exactly Nicaragua is, it’s in Central America. This small country, which is just a little bit bigger than the state of New York, has a rich cultural heritage. Nicaraguan music is a mixture of different cultures from indigenous tribes. On the Caribbean coast music with African and indigenous influence can be heard there, in the Pacific coast the music is considered to be a mixture of the indigenous and Spanish culture and in the North/Central region of Nicaragua the music has more of a European flavor, this is because of the significant wave of Europeans, mostly Germans, that live in the region. Joseph Gaex music is a mixture of all these traditional and assimilated musical cultures. In some songs, the sound of the marimba is clearly discernible. Traditionally marimba is not very danceable, you could shimmy and just do half-hearted dances with the sounds but in a Joseph Gaex mix the sound is amazing.

Joseph GaexI actually did not manage to hear any mixes that you could not dance to. Everything is dance material, how amazing is that? From deep bass drums, and a lot of chanting that makes you think you are probably in a Bollywood movie scene. His style is very versatile; on some mixes the unmistakable twang of traditional salsa beats is unmistakable. On the track (Jump Original Mix) American rap lyrics add a flavor to the already really strong beat. I loved this track, but the Abel Vros; Your History mix was the one that had me from the word go. It’s a mix of Salsa, meringue, and traditional house beats. To understand how awesome it is, one would have to listen to it. As a fledgling Salsa dancer myself, it was perfect time to practice with the music on full blast. The great message in the track was the icing on the cake.

With over a thousand followers on Sound Cloud alone, there is no doubt whatsoever that Joseph Gaez is the current face of house-tech house music in Central America. The fact that always makes me smile about house music is that no matter what culture you are hailing from, when it comes to house music, we are all one. The elevation doesn’t stop there. House Music transcends all cultures.

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