The One to Watch: Pascal Morais [Arrecha Records]

There have been artists in our musical journeys that have happened to us… Exposure to that artist, and an instant relationship, a feeling of great attachment is created. This is one of the reasons why House Music is such a formidable genre in the musical space these days. Certain artists have the ability to draw their listeners in, and once in, keep them hooked. I have found such a talent in Pascal Morais.

Ladies and gentleman, we have in our midst an incredibly gifted Dj. A man of uncompromising standards, of music so carefully arranged for maximum audio effect that it becomes an addiction. Pascal Morais hails from Amsterdam; (surprise surprise) amazing talent seems to be holed up there. His music is mystical, awe-inspiring, uplifting. I’m running out of adjectives so in common terms the man is “the actual business.” An established name on the underground scene, Pascal Morais owns Arrecha Records, his own label in the Netherlands. Their sole mission; to diffuse Afro-House Music to the world. Doesn’t that make you smile, fellow house music enthusiasts? That there are people who are working feverishly to disseminate as much awesomeness as they can.

[quote] “My passion for music is so strong that it blows away any negativity on my journey to grow. In every stage you grow, you come across new people trying to bring you down but my passion is stronger so I don’t allow negativity come across my path.”- Pascal Morais [/quote]

Pascal Morais ArrechaHe is currently working on an album, judging from his mixes this is going to be the album of the century, a must-have. I know for one, I’m definitely not going to miss out on that one. Listening to Pascal’s creations is a different experience; I could equate it to a quiet moment when you listen to Culoe De Song or Black Coffee. The depth of the music is much like that. Interestingly, one of his influences is none other than Culoe De Song, a maestro in his own right. Of people he would love to collaborate with, it was quite a beautiful list to see, the likes of Busi Mhlongo ( God Bless Her Voice) Bob Marley ( God Rest His Soul) , the great Fela Kuti , and one of my favourite vocalists’ the enigmatic Sade ( smooth operator just started playing in my head). The best way to describe Pascal’s style is to me very simple, he is what my teachers in high school used to call an ‘all-rounder.” An “all-rounder” is a person who excels at every task or everything they do. There are some people who do dance anthems really well, like Uhuru, and then there are some artists who do Soulful Afro-House very well, think Black Coffee and Cuebur or Da Capo. But Pascal Morais excels at both facets of the genre. If you listen to his remix of Ecstasy by Dutchican Soul which features Mavis Acquah & JoLeon DaVenue, you might find yourself transported to another planet. Then if you play Pablo Fierro – Solos tu y yo’s Pascal’s BBQ mix you might be mistaken for thinking it’s a different Dj.

Through Arrecha Records, Pascal Morais is giving a much-needed platform for Afro-House Music. There is a lot of shallow commercial music that’s doing the rounds right now. Afro-House Music has a sensuality and authenticity to it that draws new listeners in all the time. For this reason Pascal Morais is this week’s “The One to Watch” person.

If you wanna be like me and join the Pascal Morais Fan Club, you can connect with him on Sound Cloud. As always details are below.



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