The One to Watch: Renato Xtrova [Angola]

I keep bemoaning the fact that music can be essentially geocentric, a lot of people, and in the general population as well always expect great house music or great mixes to come from one place; South Africa. This is an uninformed opinion and if you do not believe, one only has to take to social media to discover that this is not so. Online platforms such as, Sound cloud, and internet radio stations are awash with house music from many parts of the world. The style usually differs, like Wash.Fm where spoken word is integrated into mixes.

And so it was, that I found myself on Sound cloud,  sampling Dj Renato Xtrova’s works. I was in an enclosed space, a library on a Tuesday and no noise is allowed in there of course .Not even a peep. So it was torture that I could not dance, because my feet were tapping of their own accord, and all I wanted to partake of was some serious dancing courtesy of Dj Renato who hails from Luanda, Angola. He is a well-renowned house music Dj who has played internationally. A master at fascinating crowds from Rio to Mozambique; he discovered his passion for music early. Although he started out experimenting with Hip-Hop and Ku-Duro, the traditional native sound of Angola, he soon discovered the excitement that house music offered. Born Costa Renato, his career really kicked off in 2010 when he produced a series of bootlegs and mixes that gained him fame and respect. Not only that but he has tracks that have reached number two, twenty-five, and thirty-seven respectively  on global platform Traxsource for the most downloaded tracks. That tells you much of the man’s talent.

Since 2010, Dj Renato has worked with some of the biggest names in the house music industry namely Soul Candi Records, United Music Records, and Deep Calls Recording. Distinguishing himself at every turn, he has also collaborated with Carlos Silva, Dj Kapiro, Deejay Leo, Dj Malvado, Dj Malvado Jr, and Dj Cesar as well. A veteran Dj, his style is comparable with that of Dj Kent of South Africa. Popular club bangers are blended with Portuguese songs, which lend a very multicultural sound to the music. Instead of sounding like babble, it’s very easy to sing along to, and quite entertaining.  You get the feeling that you are somewhere between Luanda and Johannesburg, a surreal experience it is.

Renato Xtrova’s works are available on Sound cloud of course. His music is also available for sale on ITunes and Traxsource. To connect with Dj Renato Xtrova, I have scripted some connections below; I have also put in a link for my favorite mix, which is an Ultimix from September 2013.




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