Review: Gregor Salto Ultimate Miami #2

Whoever has not heard of Gregor Salto probably lives under a rock or some enclosed nudist colony (but even they need to dance). The Grammy award winning Dj,  and producer who has been dominating the Dutch electronic music scene for over a decade; has been an active participant on the house music scene for over a while now. A versatile Dj, he has produced music for Mi Casa, Liquideep, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Rihanna and even Australian rap artist Iggy Azalea. Gregor Salto is not your average Dj; he is a master of electronic dance music, house music, soul and world music. He is a jack of all trades, and fortunately master of all.

“  … Of course, I suppose I could be living without music, but how sad a world it could be without music – obviously I prefer having it in my life! It’s one of the things that matter most for me.” Gregor Salto, Indonesia 2012.

The music bug bit the young Gregor at a young age. Dancing the night away, probably with some pretty girl, he heard, Royal House’s classic anthem ‘Can You Party.’ And the rest was history. Spurred on by the beat, and a new found desire and purpose in his life, he set out to produce music. He spent years practicing on his father’s computer. I believe those early years honed his skills and expertise, by the time he was eighteen he was ready to drop an offering. This he did through a sub-label of Amsterdam’s legendary Outland Records. It was only in 2004 though, that he finally hit the lottery. His captivating track “Can’t Stop Playing” went straight to number one on the Danish Top 40 charts and maintained that position for over two months.

Today Gregor’s distinct touch is his mix of Latin, tropical and soulful grooves complemented always by house music or electronic dance music. An international Dj, he has played in the world’s hippest dance clubs. His latest offering, “Gregor Salto presents Ultimate Miami #2” is an infusion of dance music guaranteed to cause a serious sound quake. Unlike other Dj’s who borrow from latest songs, and other mixes, this mix is refreshingly original. There is absolutely no song you have heard before, unless you are in the club 24/7 that is. It’s a hotchpotch of dance. I might go too far if I say that it does have trance inducing qualities as one can easily lose themselves in the music. I am a favorite of the siren wail in mixes, so cliché I know but I cannot help it. In Ultimate Miami #2 there is a lot of wailing. A 13 track compilation, the mix features artists such as Sidney Samson, Wiwek, Chocolate Puma, Genairo Nvilla, D’RAY, Miguel O’Syrah and Asher Monroe.

One of my favorites has to be “Hush Hush,” and the track that starts the entire compilation off “On Your Mark” which features Wiwek, another Dj and producer from Holland as well. On this track, Salto’s fascination with African world music is apparent as the track blends African drums, beating in a very native fashion with hard hitting beats typical of house music. The next track, “Troubleman” is a very Vegas type of track, an electronic track that’s geared to keep people dancing; the next three tracks are pretty much the same. A very romantic Kizomba is the next track. Kizomba is a traditional genre of dance and music originating from Angola, this track is a very sensual interpretation of this genre. It’s collaboration between Gregor Salto and Buraka Som Sistema from Lisbon Portugal. The Kizomba dance is very sensual; much like the Cha–Cha-Cha of modern dance, except, well, it’s more sensual!!!

Intimi” is an intense beat that kicks off with a rising beat that just keeps getting higher and higher. At its crescendo, exactly 39.25 to 40.30 it’s house music at its best. At this point, the best scenario possible will be that the soles of your shoes will be completely gone, as for those in heels right about now they will probably be in distress. Spek and Touch are the tracks that round up this compilation. Deep bass, but more relaxed which is perfect if you are tired of dancing, and ready to go home.

Gregor Salto presents, Ultimate Miami #2 is available on Beatport & iTunes.

Gregor Salto SoundsSalto also produces a monthly podcast which is available monthly titled “Salto Sounds”. It’s available online at . To connect with Gregor Salto all you have to do is search for his very well maintained personal websiteJ.

Gregor Salto Website: 

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