Top 15 Soulful House Chart – February 2015

Soulful House Chart

Welcome to our selection of February 2015 Soulful House tracks recommended by HouseBanq. Featuring tracks by City Soul Project, DJ Spen, Charles Caliber, Husky, Booker T, Groove Assassin, Neil Pierce, Eric Kupper and more.

1. Moving On (Original Mix) – Charles Caliber [Groove Centric Records]

2. Stay Tonight (Mark Di Meo & Tony Loreto Underground Vocal Mix) – Juan Pacifico [King Street]

3. Under My Skin (DJ Spen’s AfterBirth Mix) – Heather Johnson, The MuthaFunkaz [King Street]

4. Journey (We Can Make It) (City Soul Project UK Remix) – Lem Springsteen, Jamelle Jones [Urban Lounge Music]

5. Relax – Neil Pierce, Sy Sez, Taliwa [Room Control]

6. It’s Too Late (Rightside Remix) – Paul Sherriff, Mr. Bailey, [King Street]

7. I Have The Faith (Gifted Souls Mix Joe Smooth) – Faith Howard, Gifted Souls [Kingdom]

8. Don’t Go Lose It (Husky’s Bobbin Head Mix) – Ted Nilsson [Bobbin Head Music]

9. Timing Is Everything (Eric Kupper Remix) – Pray For More, Steven Powell [Mjuzieek Digital]

10. Reasons (Booker T Main Vocal Mix) – Club Asylum, Leanne Brown [Urban Dubz Music]

11. Music Gives U Love (Groove Assassin Remix) – Banks, Lisa Millett [Musol Recordings]

12. Keep On (Vocal Mix) – Lars Behrenroth, Chezere [Deeper Shades Recordings]

13. Live The Life (Main Mix) – Scotty P, Lou Gorbea [Fattboy Records]

14. One More Day (Main Mix) – The Rurals, Rogiérs [Peng]

15. I Don’t Know Why (Kemet Soul Remix) – David Anthony, Beverlei Brown [Quantize Recordings]

Feel free to comment below with your favourite February 2015 Soulful House tracks.

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