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Everyone who’s at least a bit interested in music will be excited to watch the latest Unsung documentary featuring Frankie Knuckles and the history of house music from its very roots. It’s hard to underestimate Knuckles’ role in the formation of the genre as he is world-known as ‘the Godfather of house’. The vibrant house movement was born out of disco in the underground community populated by African American and LGBT members. In the documentary Farley Jackmaster Funk reminisces about those days, when they took the fun disco beats, brought their own drum machines to the club and transformed the genre creating 4/4 patterns. The new sound drew thousands of people to the clubs and that was when everyone started realizing that a new genre was born. House has taken the world by surprise and made it dance non-stop 24/7, and it hasn’t stopped for over 3 decades!

Unsung: Frankie Knuckles and The Roots of House Music features an amazing array of interviews with many prominent members of the house scene that helped create the genre we all know and love today. Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Jesse Saunders, Frankie Knuckles, Farley Jackmaster Funk and many others share their memories about the past and what it was like to make music back in the day. After watching this documentary you’ll learn more about deep house, tech house, tropical house, and the unifying power of dance that brought millions of people from around the world together. Frankie Knuckles won NYC over with his cool mixes making people go crazy on the dance floors. It was the music that lifted people up and spoke the language of the soul, transcending age, race and cultural differences.

After the death of disco during the infamous Disco Demolition in ‘79 it seemed that dance music would disappear as well. And yet, Lee Michaels has taken house music from the underground to the radio stations and made it recognized by the public. Frankie Knuckles was the one who revolutionized the whole genre, adding a bit of oomph to it, making house dance music naughtier and even more playful than before.  ‘Baby Wants to Ride’ created in collaboration with Jamie Principle put house music on a much bigger map. Then it was Steve ‘Silk’ Hurly’s turn to rock the music world and make house more popular than ever before. ‘Jack Your Body’ was the first ever house song that became a #1 hit on the UK singles charts. That’s when Jamie Knuckles moved to England and popularized house even more.

It’s a definite must-see for all house music fans and people who are interested in dance culture.

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